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Things that happened to Kaneki Ken: was turned into a ghoul and forced to eat his own, was nearly eaten by a man with purple hair, tortured so badly his hair turned white, went batshit crazy and ate another ghoul, had severely beaten up the brother of his friend, obtained a temporary purpose that is to protect those he care for but then realize that he's unnecessary and sounds selfish, went batshit insane again, lost his only best friend, is clinically insane, I'm sure he has psychosis, got stabbed to death twice through his head
Why that all happened: He wanted to go on a fucking date
Not sad.
Not happy.
But empty.

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"I’ve heard so much about you!"

oh shit


90% of the contacts in my phone are useless.

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*favorite character dies*



Non perverted Tsukiyama reaction this time, I feel bad for him seriously…

To those who have read tokyo ghoul chapter 143 please have some of these Kanekos o(-(

I’m sorry this is kinda messy because it is very rushed o(-(


Day 1362/1363 - 16/17 September  2014

We can no longer return to those days.

Both the anime and manga are officially ending tomorrow, on the 18th _(:3c